A pilot study in "green" collaboration


In an effort to improve the market for local, responsibly harvested lobsters, five lobstermen participating in marine debris removal and prevention projects have been provided with lobster bands with printed on them.   The bands are sponsored by the New Hampshire Marine Debris to Energy project and the Fishing For Energy Partnership. The five lobstermen are participating in marine debris projects, ranging from participation in the spring trap cleanup, to volunteering to carry a marine litter trash can on their boat to prevent any boat litter from entering the ocean, to donating boat time or participating in a coastal cleanup.  Two local dealers, Taylor Lobster in Portsmouth, and Seaview Lobster in Kittery, have agreed to sell the lobsters with the bands.

The Participating Lobstermen

Capt. Lee Schatvet

F/V Yesterday's Storm

Rye, NH

Capt. Erik Anderson

F/V Kris and Kev

Portsmouth, NH

Capt. Damon Frampton

F/V Vivian Mae

New Castle, NH

Capt. Chris Adamaitis

F/V Rough Times

Kittery, ME


Capt. Gary Glidden

F/V Last Penny

Rye, NH

The Benefits

Participating lobstermen will save money since the bands are given to them at no cost. With the help of the dealers, we will explore whether higher prices can be brought for lobsters harvested locally, allowing for higher profits for NH lobstermen.  The bands will return credit to NH lobstermen for their on-going efforts for responsible marine stewardship and “green” fishing practices.  The New Hampshire Marine Debris to Energy Project will benefit from increased awareness, increased participation from lobstermen and increased marine debris removal from the coastlines and waterways.


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