Maternity Mommy is a proudly South African brand, established in 2018 with a love, passion and focus on bringing style, convenience and comfort for a modern day maternity range for the woman of SA today.

With the demanding schedules of all mothers today having to juggle many aspects of day to day work, life and family it was obvious the function first approach of the maternity wear on the market was in need of an update with new designs, functions and materials for the mothers of today.

With this in mind our range has steadily grown with real world feedback from our moms, to our moms, into a brand we love and are very proud of. We continue to look for ways to help our moms during this journey where their ever changing bodies have had to adapt to pregnancy, nursing & postpartum recovery by offering not only a range of products that are convenient, comfortable and stylish but also help with self-confidence during this incredible journey into motherhood when they might not feel their best.

Maternity Mommy are here to help welcome all our mama’s to the hood, nursing sleepwear