A Guide to IQ Studios in London:

IQ Studios, located in London’s heart, a city known for its vibrant media landscape, is a haven for professionals working in television, digital content, and film. This article explores the services offered by IQ Studios and highlights its role as a hub for London’s TV, green screen, and film projects. We examine how IQ Studios stands out in a competitive marketplace by providing unparalleled services to record live broadcasts and webcasts as well as online content and training videos.

Unveiling London’s TV Studio Excellence

London, with a rich tradition in broadcasting entertainment, has many studios. However, IQ Studios stand out due to its multi-camera facility. IQ Studios, equipped with the most advanced technology for video and audio recording and webcasting, is designed to meet the highest standards.

Why Choose IQ Studios for Your Broadcasting Needs?

  • High-Tech Equipment: The latest technology ensures premium recordings.
  • Versatility IQ Studios caters to a broad range of TV broadcasting demands, including news programs and talk shows.
  • Professional Environment: Spacious makeup rooms and executive green rooms offer comfort and privacy for guests and talent.

The Premier Choice for Film Studio in London

IQ Studios extends its expertise beyond television, positioning itself as a leading film studio in London. The dynamic spacing of the studio and its high-definition lines can be tailored to meet the needs of film makers, whether they are shooting commercials, documentaries, feature films or documentary.

Key Features That Set IQ Studios Apart

  • Flexible Space: The studio’s adaptable environment is ideal for various film production scales.
  • Connectivity:High-speed internet, as well as a range connectivity options, facilitates seamless production workflows.
  • Renowned Customerele: IQ Studios is known for its professionalism and high quality.

Revolutionizing Green Screen Studio in London

In an era when digital effects and virtual backdrops are integral to telling stories, IQ Studios has a state of the art green screen studio located in London. This studio gives creators the flexibility to unleash imaginations, providing an expansive canvas to visual effects which transport audiences to a new world.

The Green Screen Facility at IQ Studios is a great way to get the most out of your green screen.

  • Creative Liberty: The Green Screen Technology allows for unlimited creativity in visual storytelling.
  • High Quality Output: Advanced Lighting and Camera Equipment ensures that every detail captured is captured with precision.
  • Support by Experts: Our studio has a team of experienced technicians who are ready to assist in all aspects of the production.


IQ Studios offers more than just a recording studio. They are a part of the creative process. With facilities tailored for TV, film, and green screen productions, it offers a comprehensive solution for creators seeking excellence in London’s competitive media landscape. Whether it’s recording a TV broadcast, creating a feature film or crafting immersive digital contents, IQ Studios will have you covered. With its professional environment, state-ofthe-art technology and a dedication to quality, IQ Studios is the only studio in London that offers a comprehensive solution for creators seeking excellence.

IQ Studios combines vision with execution to bring your creative ideas into reality in the heart London.

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